Been there, tried that!

It’s been 15.5 months since this pain became chronic and constant. I have used many things to try to “fix” my pelvis, and help manage the pain. Here’s what I’ve tried: 

Some have helped, others have not, but nothing has fixed the problem. In a world full of bandaids, all I’m interested in is a long term solution. 

Over the last year I have found several online support groups for SIJD. At first I was overwhelmed at how many treatment options and philosophies there were. I swore up and down that surgery was NOT an option for me. I’m a 31 year old, self employed, mom of 2 little boys…I mean, there’s no waaaaaaay I could have surgery. Slowly but surely, treatment after treatment, I began to check off option after option after option on my list. Nothing gave me lasting help or even very much hope. I followed several women’s journeys (check out Trish and Laura’s stories), and soon realized that there ARE long term solutions out there, I just had to be willing to search and fight for them….so I did.

This coming Monday morning I will be traveling from Southern California to Missoula, Montana to see if I am a candidate for a minimally invasive SI fusion surgery. I will finally meet with a neurosurgeon who truly understands SIJD and has created an innovative and effective way to correct this oh so painful dysfunction. Never in my wildest dreams (errrr, nightmares) did I imagine the journey this dysfunction would take me on. I plan to use this blog to document this stage of my battle, to create a safe place to work through my feelings, to help educate those in similar situations, and to serve as a time capsule of sorts for the pain free, healthy, happy Lauren of years to come. 


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