My consultation pt. 1

It’s been a week and a half since I met with Dr. Carter Beck to discuss SI Joint fusion. I left his office with so much information, emotions, so many answers, and believe it or not, MORE QUESTIONS. 

On Monday February 6th at 6:30am, my mom and I flew from LAX to Missoula via Allegiant Air, thanks to the recommendation of Kathleen of Dr Beck’s office. Thanks to needing handicapped assistance, we made it through security and to our terminal in record timing. The flight was just over 2 hours, a little turbulence, but overall very easy. We arrived in Missoula to 38 degree weather, snow, and a tiny airport full of taxidermy…we were definitely not in SoCal anymore Toto! 

We checked in to St. Patrick’s House and excitedly headed into town by foot to marvel over the snow and grab some lunch. The little town of Missoula is adorable and majestic all in one. Before I knew it we were headed to St. Patrick’s Hospital for my 2pm consult. 

The hospital was very modern and felt clean and well maintained. The front office staff was quick to help me and there were very few people waiting to be seen. I was given the usual paperwork to fill out as well as an iPad to for another questionare about my physical capabilities and disabilities. After a brief check in with a nurse we were taken back, ON TIME, to his exam room. 

When Dr Beck walked in, I instantly felt relief and comfort, before he said a single word. He was a small, unassuming man in an oversized suit jacket and cowboy boots. His walls were modestly adorned with plaques, certificates and photos of him with what I assumed to be a young son. He shook our hands, introduced him self to both my mom and me, joked with us about how dirt cheap it was to fly to Missoula, and then got down to the nitty gritty. After 16 months of doctors appointments, tests, and vague explanations about what was going on inside of me, I was both prepared for and shocked by what he had to say…

to be continued 💜


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