Another round of needles 

This afternoon I had l5/s1 bilateral facet joint injections. These were my 5 and 6th injections, and where different than the previous. Here’s the placement differences between the injections I’ve had: The facet injections were done under floroscopy (X-ray) directly into the parts of my spine that are fractured. Both a short term anesthetic as well as a (possibly) longer term steroid were injected into the joint. These injections are done for diagnostic purposes as well as for pain relief. You can read more about them here. I was told the anesthetic would wear if within 12 hours and the steroid could take up to a week to kick in. So again, we wait. I will say, these injections were no where near as bad pain wise as the SI injections, but so far they’re not relieving as much pain either. 

Dr Beck told be that this set of injections should help clarify what the bigger issue is…my sacroiliac joint or my pars fractures. Only time will tell. 

Thank you for the thoughts and prayers…keep ’em coming 💜


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