Yesterday I saw the orthopedic/rheumatologist that initially diagnosed me with SIJD 14 months ago. He’s the guy that even though I had pretty clear blood and imaging tests, told me about my dysfunctional sacroiliac joint. I wanted to follow up with him for several reasons: for him to see how much this dysfunction has progressed in such little time, to get his opinion on minimally invasive fusion, and mostly to verify that I’m not crazy for thinking this pain is indeed my SI Joint. I talked about doubt in my last post, and though the doubt is subsiding, I still wanted to triple check and have one more professional opinion. 

After examining me again, including the oh-so-painful manipulations and provocation tests, we discussed the 5 diagnostic injections I got since seeing him last 9 months ago, and how the SI ones were positive. He said that he believes, and always have, that the pain I’m having is indeed SIJD related. He said the hard part is obviously the lack of long term scientific backing for MIS methods of fusion. That being said, he said I’ve checked off nearly every box on the conservative treatment plan (minus only prolotherapy or radio frequency ablation, neither of which I’m not sold on as a long term option), and that if it were him, he would do the same. He said “it takes a very brave person to seek out a progressive, new solution. That’s how modern medicine progresses. Please keep me informed on your results.” I know this is risky, but I’ve always considered my self a trailblazer, so it was nice to hear someone else agree. Maybe that’s the answer to the “why me?” that’s always running through my head.

So there you have it, my 3rd opinion that MIS is indeed a good choice for me and this wonky pelvis of mine. We’re down to a 23 day countdown til surgery, and 20 until I’m back in beautiful Montana. Our loan was officially funded and we’ll be paying that big bill to St. Patrick’s Hospital tomorrow. Can you believe the first payment is due the day of surgery? We’ve been blessed with some serious generosity from our “tribe”, who has donated over $2000 to help us make those payments while we fight insurance for approval. Crazy how it has all worked out so far, and I’m praying that it continues to. You can continue the love here. Thank you all who have donated, you truly have easier so much stress and worry!  

My pain levels have been pretty hard to handle as of late. My entire body is moving in a way that is beyond dysfunctional and everything from my groin, pubic symphisis, hips, IT bands, knees, ankles, abdomen, mid back, neck and jaw are innocent victims. If I didn’t have surgery booked, I’d probably be looking into wheelchairs and disability. I spend several hours a day managing my pain and fighting to get to tomorrow. I’ve been extremely emotional lately and go from feeling scared to excited to lonely to blessed in a matter of moments. I’m focusing on finishing up my last 40 clients/11 days in the salon before I close up shop for screw day. I’m pretty much just focused on getting to Dr.Beck’s operating table in one piece and trusting God to take care of the rest. Keep those prayers coming, they’re needed and appreciated 💜🙏🏻💜🙌🏻💜


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