Hello Missoula!!!

I CANNOT believe I’m here. It’s been 17 months of chronic, worsening pain (which has felt like an eternity), but in a proverbial blink of an eye, I’m here. 

My sweet husband and I arrived today at noon after an easy, uneventful flight. It took 2 hours and 17 minutes to get from Los Angeles to Missoula, which wasn’t too bad. My bum/back/pelvis hurt quite a bit sitting that long, but I survived. 

It was so nice walking into MSO. In fact, it kinda felt like coming home in a weird way. Even the taxidermy in the airport greeted us with open arms! 

When I was here in February, it was 30 degrees and white. Now it’s 55 degree, a bit rainy and STUNNING. My husband is a HUGE (read UUUUUUUGE if you know him🤣) craft beer fan, so we decided to spend our day exploring the various (there’s 30+) breweries near by. Not only did we taste great beer, but we talked to the locals and made friends. This town is so friendly….much different than the OC! I’m pretty sure my husband is in heaven.  

We also had the most amazing homemade ice cream for dinner (don’t tell my kids) at a local place called Big Dipper Ice Cream. It was to diiiiiiiiiie for. Now we’re back in our comfy hotel room winding down from a day full of travel and breweries. 

Surgery is Thursday and for some odd reason I feel a pretty overwhelming peace about everything. Don’t get me wrong, I have the usual nerves, but I feel good about my d idiom to come here to Montana for Rialto fusion with Dr. Beck. I’ve got a few more days to go though, so I’ll keep you all posted, but for now I’m here, and I’m happy. Thanks and love to you all 💜🦄🔩


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