Expectations and Reality

When I started writing this blog a few months back, I figured it would serve as an outlet for me as well as a way to keep people in the loop on how I was doing. Now I'm starting to realize that there are a bunch of my fellow SIJD and chronic pain sufferers using … Continue reading Expectations and Reality


I’m soooooo screwed ðŸ”©ðŸ”©ðŸ”©ðŸ”©ðŸ¤£

Well folks, I'm officially screwed! We arrived at the hospital at 10 am on Thursday April 20. I immediately b-lined it to the chapel. I had a huge amount of fear sitting right on my chest that I needed to give to someone else. I had been carrying it for a long time, and I … Continue reading I’m soooooo screwed ðŸ”©ðŸ”©ðŸ”©ðŸ”©ðŸ¤£

Race Day

A little over three years ago I was preparing to run my first half marathon, 13.1 miles through Disneyland and the surrounding area. I had put in months of training which wasn't by any means easy. I had only started my running career 7 months prior while losing baby weight, never running even 1 mile … Continue reading Race Day

Missoula: Day 2

What a day it has been! To start, I slept in without coughing all night (haaaaa-lle-lujah 🙌🏻!) while hubby got up early to log on and finish his work for the day. We had a wonderful continental breakfast (were staying at the Holiday Inn), and then hit the road.  Our oldest son's name is Ronan … Continue reading Missoula: Day 2

One week 

Tomorrow will be one week until bilateral Rialto SI fusion. I cannot believe how fast time has passed. I have been very busy finishing up my work, making my clients look and feel fabulous, as well as the final arrangements for clearing out and closing up my salon studio. I've been so busy that I … Continue reading One week 


Yesterday I saw the orthopedic/rheumatologist that initially diagnosed me with SIJD 14 months ago. He's the guy that even though I had pretty clear blood and imaging tests, told me about my dysfunctional sacroiliac joint. I wanted to follow up with him for several reasons: for him to see how much this dysfunction has progressed … Continue reading Trailblazing

Doubting Lauren

Every once and awhile doubt gets the best of me. Who am I kidding, I struggle with doubt daily! The first bit of it was doubt in myself, especially in the beginning. With every clear blood test, x-ray and MRI, I doubted my pain. It didn't help the my doctors were recommending I see a therapist. … Continue reading Doubting Lauren

35 days

Wow! It's surreal to finally have a date to countdown to. I'm full of emotion and planning away. So many things are on my mind: money, my boys, my business, my clients, travel, insurance, excitement and fear.  Because I own my own salon, I've had a lot of decisions to make about how to handle … Continue reading 35 days

Big News! 

It's been 2 weeks since my last injection. In that time I've learned a lot.  1. It didn't do diddly for any of my lumbar sacral pain. In fact, I'm pretty sure it gave me the biggest pain flair thus far, which is a totally shitty, but normal side effect. I've done more research on … Continue reading Big News!